I wrote this a few years back when I was doing a creative writing course. I liked it then and like it now. We had to describe a colour to someone who could not see it.

Orange? You ask as I sit and think

that this will be easy, it’s the taste of the fruit.

And then I stop and ponder longer

Orange is more, much more than just a

quick response.


Orange is in the delightful surprise

Of fizzy lollies exploding on the tongue.

It’s in the smell of freshly baked bread,

And in the yearning to pick and nibble

just a bit.


It’s in the warmth of running your hand

Deeply through a sheepskin rug.

And it’s in the scent of summer,

Freshly mown lawns, and suntan lotion


And it’s also the shade of children’s laughter

That happy bubbling sound of play

The genteel breeze that just touches the skin

Carries orange with it as it drifts by.


And I look at you, my sightless friend

As these thoughts move in your mind.

I feel a sense of wonderment

As I watch the orange of your smile.



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