Laundry Blues

I used to love laundry days

The satisfaction that cleanliness brings

The warm sensation of finishing a job

And those neat piles of clothing

When I had finished the lot


I used to love that sweet laundry smell

And starch that bought stiffness to collars as well

To remove all the grass marks and have crease free shirts

My day was complete

And my energies spent


I used to love laundry days but no more

Now its non-iron shirts and more

Those drip-dry trousers just fill me with bliss

No more ironing, hurray,

No more creases in this.


Now I have time to sit in the sun

To play ball with the kids

And get grass stains on my bum

I used to love laundry but not any more

Its too time consuming, it’s simply a chore!

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