Confessions of a Jaded Delegate

I am sitting at the meeting

Wondering why I‘m here

The others seemed to have the knowledge

My mind seemed rather bare.


Would I remember all this input?

Did I really care?

Was it time to move my feet,

And get the hell out of there?


I gaze out the window,

The view has caught my eye.

A roof is glistening in the sun,

I didn’t realise we were up this high.


Looking down at the floor,

Oh no, my tights have a run.

The ladder goes up the side of my thigh,

At least the other foot has none.


We are put in groups, ideas to share,

A question… I need to respond.

Some wisdom or thoughts they seem to expect,

Can I get away with just a nod?


I don’t know what they hope I will say,

Pearls of wisdom from a dew-drop brain.

They look at me expectantly,

My comments sound rather lame.


The air-conditioning is never right,

It changes from moment to moment.

Now I’m sweltering, hot as heck,

The next my feet will be frozen.


The day is over, what did I learn?

The food was good, those tiny cakes great.

Met some new people, heard an idea or two,

And caught up with quite a few mates.


A day away from work,

Not the type I was dreaming.

But a change as they say,

That’s an interesting stain on the ceiling.