The Journey begins…

I decided to start a blog as I kept writing verse but didn’t know what to do with it. Also I would like to share it with my friends and family…and anyone else who may like to read it.  I wrote verse for the Massey course I did. It has been locked away..unfortunately when I resurrected it and brought it to work to scan…it blew off the car roof. We found all the verse I think..and most of the stories.

I finally found out that not everyone could rhyme and maybe it was a talent I had that should be put to use. We will see.

P.S. I am writing under my maiden name, and the name my mother wanted me to be called…it feels right for this.

I started a blog , my rhymes to share,

      with all my friends and family out there.

They keep popping into my brain,

     this way I hope they will remain.

And we can read them when we have time,

      and you can say what you think, but please be kind.


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